A premium chlor-alkaline liquid detergent containing a heavy duty blend of detergents trusted to provide effective CIP cleaning of pipelines and bulk tanks. Water softeners enable this product to work in very hard water and in heavy duty applications in the food, dairy, beverage industries, and hard water situations.

Dairy Cycle-3

An economical CIP detergent choice, Dairy Cycle 3 is trusted to provide effective CIP cleaning of pipelines and bulk tanks. The chlor-alkaline formula with water softeners and dispersants handles butterfat and proteins soils easily helping producers keep milking systems clean. Phosphate-free.

Dairy Prime

A phosphate-free C.I.P. and bulk tank chlor-alkaline detergent, Dairy Prime is concentrated and formulated to work in most hard to clean systems, or those with hard water conditions. Dairy Prime’s unique formula is also recommended for systems that have lower or unreliable water temperatures during the washing cycle. Phosphate-free.

Liquid Hot Rod™

A shock treatment product for cleaning milk transfer systems, pipelines, and bulk milk coolers. Also, this product can be used to soak rubber liners to remove butterfat soils and to clean vacuum lines.


Highly concentrated alkaline pipeline and bulk tank C.I.P. detergent. X-TRA™ is used for two-part C.I.P. cleaning to replace conventional liquid or powdered C.I.P. detergents, allowing the producer to adjust the product as needed for proper system cleaning without over-usage. For hard to clean, large milking systems, or systems with meters X-tra delivers the cleaning power and the economy you need.

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