7.5% active quaternary compound with a low foam formulation intended for use in dairy sprinkler pens, poultry houses, hatcheries and other animal quarters to effectively disinfect and deodorize surfaces after being cleaned with a conventional cleaner. Used in food processing plants, dairy, and cheese plants. Effective product in eliminating cross-contamination of bacteria. EPA approved.


Super-concentrated, economical sodium hypochlorite solution for sanitizing applications in food processing, milk industry, farm premises and laundry facilities. Approved by USDA as a sanitizer on food surfaces with no rinse. EPA Registered.


Versatile iodine based detergent germicide which can be used as a no-rinse sanitizer and as an udderwash. High-foaming, EPA registered detergent germicide for sanitizing milking equipment and for washing and sanitizing dairy cow teats prior to milking.


Concentrated chlorinated liquid sanitizer. Quality germicide used to sanitize dairy equipment before milking. LCS is EPA registered. Cost effective and an important part of your total CIP sanitation program.


Non-foaming, EPA registered sanitizer for sanitizing pipelines, bulk tanks and utensils. Use PCS as an important part of your total CIP sanitation program. Effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms. EPA approved.


Concentrated acid sanitizer that effectively combines the acid and sanitizing steps into one. Helps reduce wash cost, time, labor, and will eliminate the need to sanitize prior to milking. Effective in cold water rinse. EPA registered. Exceptional pipeline and bulk tank sanitizer.

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